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    Coffee and nature go hand in hand in Chiapas

    Mexico specialist Moreno Travel is inviting people to experience "a holistic approach to a cup of coffee and the process with which it's made while having a luxurious, almost spiritual, experiential tour at the high-mountain rain forest at the border of Mexico and Guatemala. This area, where we felt close to the sky, is known for being home to eight important bird areas, or land formally identified as critical bird habitat." Participants will gain insights into the region in the state of Chiapas, and its traditional fincas, which practice a version of biodynamic agriculture that is unique. "Blending age-old Vedic agricultural practices with European science to supplant the chemical dependency that has marked the so-called Green Revolution, they establish a paradigm for coffee growing that is environmentally sustainable and economically feasible," Moreno says. For more information, call 1-800-465-2853 or 416-252-5701.

    Moreno Travel partners with Copa Airlines

    Toronto-based Moreno Travel has a partnership with Copa Airlines, which will begin direct Toronto-Panama City flights June 17, and have same-day convenient connections to other Central and South American destinations. There will also be immediate connections through the "Hub of The Americas" in Panama, without having to go through immigration and customs, and luggage will be checked through to its final destination. Passengers will also find VIP Room access: Presidents Club; on-board service including complimentary meals, wines and spirits; and a 12-channel audio-visual video entertainment system. Also to be found will be mileage accrual and more benefits through the OnePass frequent flyer program. Copa has an on-time performance above 90% on all flights. Agents can call Moreno Travel for quotes at 800-465-2853 or 416-252-5701.

    AeroMexico service gets thumbs up

    Toronto-based Mexico specialist Moreno Travel is hailing AeroMexico's decision to return to Montreal Dec. 15 as "wonderful news." AeroMexico plans daily Montreal-Mexico City service, which it is promoting as a "gateway to a vast network of wonderful destinations." Departures from Montreal will be at 8:15 a.m., arriving in the Mexican capital at 1:30 p.m. Northbound flights will leave at 1:05 a.m., arriving in Montreal at 7 a.m. AeroMexico dropped its Montreal and Toronto routes in the spring, citing excess capacity. Its decision to return to Montreal comes after Mexicana suspended service.

    Moreno Travel promotes out-of-country health care

    MediHealth Tours & Travel, a division of Toronto-based tour company Moreno Travel, is reaching out to Canadians seeking out-of-country options for “reputable health care, as well as lodging and services, to ease the worry and support the recovery process.” The company is promoting Mexico for out-of-country treatment. Moreno Travel -- a Mexico specialist -- acts as a liaison with local hospitals and doctors to provide access to “cost-effective, quality care for the travelling patient, as well as a lodging environment that caters to special guest needs.” MediHealth Tours & Travel is an international medical travel facilitation company registered in Ontario.

    See Mexico's past today in Puebla

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