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2012 Mayan Calendar Yucatan - Magic of Mayab - 5 days   
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2012 Mayan Calendar Yucatan - Magic of Mayab
Duration: 5 days
Starting Price: $1,169 approx.
Learn and experience with experts in this subject.

There are important messages from the Maya which have been recorded in their monumental architecture left for us to read thousands of years later.
To decode these messages we need spiritual and material (scientific) research to work hand-in-hand. Participate and share experiences with knowledgeable local people.
This program was created through which to live the magic of the Mayab, experiencing the mysticism and knowledge of the old mayan culture, while in the modern comfort of our times.

Package Includes:

  • 4 nights accommodation in 4 or 5-star hotels.
  • Daily breakfast
  • 3 lunches
  • 2 dinners
  • 1 daily bottle of water
  • Gratuities included. (Tip to guides not included)
  • Land Transportation.

  • Optional tours

  • Tour to Progreso, on the Gulf Coast, with dinner in Merida.
    • We recommend this tour in spring and summer in the afternoon, to see the sunset over the water while strolling on the promenade, or having coffee and dessert seaside.

  • Tour to Celestun, a Flamingo Biosphere.
    • Includes transportation, boat tour, and touristic lunch (single entry).

    Optional Workshops Offered

  • Teachings of Cosmovision and Mayan spirituality. From a basic 4-hour course to a several day course.
  • Workshop on ancestral sacred sounds, to learn the characteristics, properties, and effects on human beings of the ritual drum, Sonaja, Tunha, Tunkul, and the Caracol. Measure the effect on people’s chakras. 5 hours.
  • Learn about the Sacred Haab calendar. 4 hours.
  • Learning about the Sacred Tzolkin calendar. Full day workshop. The Tzolkin teaches us 3 things:
    • 1) To determine the energy that the Universe sends over humanity daily,
      2) To determine the dates of the ritual celebrations of the Tradition.,
      3) Using the date of birth to determine the influences received from the Universe.

  • Mystic esoteric guide to the sacred cities of Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Mayapan, and Uxmal. The tour of Chichen Itza is 6 hours in length, Ek-Balam is 3 hours long, Uxmal tour is 4 hours, and the Mayapan tour is 3 hours in length.
  • Learning the Sahumador initiation, for both men and women. Duration: 4 hours.
  • Mayan mathematics, a basic course 4 hours in length.

  • Not Included:

  • Air transportation (book flight here), guide gratuities, personal expenses. Check itinerary.
  • Transportation to Merida by airplane,bus or private vehicle.
  • 1st class bus transportation from Cancun station to Merida $39 Cad approximately

Optional 1-day tours

  • Caves and Cenotes
  • The Yucatan peninsula is arid, and only receives water by way of undergrounds rivers. Caves, and wells have been of great importance to the Maya since ancestral times, as they were considers portals or windows to the underworld. The Maya, along with other Mesoamerican groups, believed that upon dying, people travelled a long way toward the underworld on a route called Xibalba. This mythical place, where gods, ancestors, and other supernatural beings dwelled, was located in the earthly subfloor beneath the water, which is also known as the infraworld.
    Option 1
  • Caves at Loltun, Sayil, X-Lapak, with lunch at Mani
  • After concluding our visit to the archaeological areas, we visit the town of Mani to enjoy excellent Yucatecan cuisine in one of the tastiest restaurants on the peninsula, El Principe Tutul Xiu, where they cook over kindling, and serve handmade corn tortillas. Worth mentioning is that in 1562, Fray Diego de Landa, the first Archbishop of Yucatan, organized in Mani an “Acto de Fe” “Faith bonfire”, where a bonfire consumed the codices and symbols of the Mayan gods, as they were consider nothing more than ‘lies of the Devil’
    Includes Transportation, guide, admission to the caves and archaeological sites, lunch, taxes.
    Cost $105
    Option 2
  • Cenotes Cuzama
  • The Cenotes, or wells, are unique in the world. To reach them, we are taken by horse and wagon. You are able to swim in each one of these natural wonders. Return to Merida after the tour.
    Includes Transportation, guide, transport by wagon, box lunch with water and soft drinks, taxes.
    Cost $100

    The following cities are visited:

    Chichen Itza

    The following sightseeing attractions are visted:

    Visit Uxmal and Chichen Itza
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