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Our experienced team has extensive Mexico experience, and are able to offer different kinds of alternative travel packages.

    Gonz Moreno
    General Manager

  • Born in Mexico City, but grew up in Toronto.
  • Economist from Queen's University.
  • Enjoys dealing with customers, studying history, politics, culture, and of course, traveling.


    Monica Vidal
    Executive Travel Consulant

  • Originally from Uruguay and has been in Canada since 1974.
  • Travelled extensively and knows Europe and the Americas very well.
  • An excellent cook with a great sense of humour.
  • Been with Moreno since 1995.
  • Happily converses with our Italian-speaking customers.


    Minerva Cervantes
    Branding-Marketing Consultant

  • High objectives to personally assist Moreno Travel (along with her other clients), in the numerous benefits of becoming additionally immersed in the business world through brand analysis, product development and marketing toward sustainability.
  • Introduces corporations and governments to a system that supports the approach that creates a prosperous & profitable business by reinforcing the ethical/moral/spiritual dimension of the brand.
  • Established connections with ethinic groups, local comunities and the Mexican government.


    Martha Parraga
    Accounting Manager

  • Born in Mexico City
  • Enjoys travelling & reading.
  • Is the organizing force behind office social events, for which we are very grateful.
  • An expert on Las Vegas, one of her favourite destinations.


    Bonnie Eccles 
    Travel Consultant

  • A former school teacher
  • Dedicates herself to selling treavel & travelling.
  • Detailed knowledge of Cuba, and has put together a series of products for individuals and conferences wishing to visit Cuba
  • Travelled extensively in Mexico


    Lourdes Valez
    Travel Consultant

  • Born in Acapulco.
  • Living in Toronto since 1976.
  • Working with Moreno Travel since 2005.
  • A proud and happy grandmother.
  • Enjoys preparing delicious Mexican dishes.

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