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Canadians seeking out-of-country solutions to health problems need options for reputable healthcare, along with lodging and services to ease the worry and to support the recovery process. Moreno Travel acts as a liason with local hospitals and doctors to provide access to cost-effective, quality care for travelling patients, as well as a lodging environment that caters to special guest needs.

MediHealth Tours and Travel Corporation is an international medical travel company based in Canada. Our goal is to have satisfied and happy medical tourists. Moreno Travel is a Canadian company with 40 years of experience facilitating travel business, dedicated to providing travel solutions for Canadians. We achieve this by removing confusion, anxiety and surprise from the process of planning & making a healthcare trip. We do our best to meet our client's expectations of finding the best healthcare solution for them.

We facilitate contact with overseas doctors & hospitals and provide their credentials. We also provide information on various medical procedures & recuperation packages available. The information we provide is for the client to make their own decision with consultation with their doctor.

We are a facilitation service, not a medical advisory service. We do not have a physican-patient relationship with our clients. We suggest to always seek the advice of a qualified health provider regarding a medical condition and decision on a medical trip abroad.

Medihealth Tours & Travel achieves this mission by:

  • Listening to our client needs.
  • Being connected to our clients throughout the experience.
  • Establishing active direct communication between the client and physicians & medical facility even before the trip begins.
  • Learning from past client experiences.
  • Contracting & building relationships with certified medical facilities & experienced physicians worldwide.
  • Having alliances with the leading tourism operators worldwide.
  • Helping our clients to navigate the Canadian medical system with information and guidance.
  • Medical Tourism results are:

  • Medical procedures at affordable, proven certified healthcare facilities & expert physicians.
  • Comfortable and cost effect trip planning, journey, stay, tourist experience & recuperation.
  • Modern Surgery Centers in Mexico & Top Physicians

    To get you affordable quality medical care, we work with some of the best hospitals in Mexico. We have screened these hospitals based on doctor credentials, track record, international accreditations and associations (including some associations with prestigious medical institutions and hospitals in the US & Mexico)

    We continually update and monitor our network of medical surgery centers in Mexico. This allows us to provie you a safe and satisfying medical and health tourism experience. Many of the staff and physicians in our hospital network have their medical training, certification and experience from the most reputable universities in US and Mexico and medical institutes.

    MediHealth Tour & Travel is an international medical travel faciliation company registered in the province of Ontario.
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