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    Moreno Travel

    We connect people around the world with a shared vision to create a travel experience.

    If you are searching for a knowledgeable, experienced source for a different kind of experiential tour of Mexico, someone specialized in the beautifully enigmatic world of the ancient Pre-Hispanic and colonial Mexican civilizations , or you are looking for a niche experience, you've found the right place.

    Our 40 years in the industry and our native by origin knowledge of Mexico permit us to operate with an excellent network of quality local regional suppliers in each one of our Mexican destinations, who provide quality, reliable services to our travelers. Our representatives know their territory and its culture, so you can be sure you are able to enjoy your experience during the trip.

    Special Offers:

    2012 Mayan Calendar Yucatan - Magic of Mayab - 5 days

    There are important messages from the Maya which have been recorded in their monumental architecture left for us to read thousands of years later.
    To decode these messages we need spiritual and material (scientific) research to work hand-in-hand. Participate and share experiences with knowledgeable local people.
    This program was created through which to live the magic of the Mayab, experiencing the mysticism and knowledge of the old mayan culture, while in the modern comfort of our times.

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    Chiapas –Coffee Rainforest Biosphere - 5 days

    A holistic approach in a cup of coffee

    Do you know that biodynamic coffee is rare and Chiapas produce on the finest coffee in the planet?
    Moreno travel invites you to experience the cosmic vibration of a cup of coffee and its process having a close to a luxurious-spiritual life changing experiential tour at the high-mountain rain forest at the border of Mexico and Guatemala. This area where we felt close to the sky is known for being home to eight Important Bird Areas, or land formally identified as critical bird habitat.

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