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Moreno Travel already has an initiative approved by the Zoque indigenous community to create an educational workshop and travel workshops on sustainable practices focused on and for indigenous communities. One of the distinctive approaches of this workshop is that it will be created in a storytelling and visual interpretation to make it easy to comprehend for local indigenous communities that are far away from the Western educational system and the cultural barriers involved and as well, where travelers are going to be able to participate. Moreno has already created and prepared an travel program outline by the guidance of a professional team, contributions & alliances.

The Zoque indigenous community from Chimalpa Tabasco is totally conscious of the need of education on the tourism subject, since without training and funds their product (that is the rational use of their land and service to their community in this jurisdiction), they would not be able to compete fairly & successfully within the parameters that sustainable tourism marks and the standards of quality of the international marketplace. They have expressed that their future as a community, their culture and land- territory that is located into the tropical rain forest will be uncertain if they don't take action in this matter.

The Zoque community is receptive to education and they confirm they are ready to continue this process Agua Selva's tropical mountain forest is the place where the mayan-zoques originary community live; almost at the border line to Chiapas state. They have comfortable and rustic cottages and a magnificent nature where rainfalls and enormous fennels are the attraction. The Malpasito archaelogycal site is very near and easy to have as an afternoon walk.
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